Why custom app development is better than the ready app?

Why custom app development is better than the ready app? 

Developing existing software or introducing new software has always been one of the challenges that many organizations face as technology advances and the business market grows. Almost all Organizations are aware that if they want to make progress, they can not ignore the impact of technology on the advertising, facilities, and services market. 

Software is usually categorized into ready-made software and custom software. Customer ordering software can also be classified as proprietary custom and internal customer ordering software. At the moment, there is no consent for ready-made software from the organizations that use them. 

custom app development is better than the ready app

First, we define ready app and custom app. 

The ready app is such that it can be produced in different areas of work by making one and selling it on a large scale. It is then presented to large groups of customers, and then they receive their feedback from this ready app and complete the software so that they can provide flawless software. 

The custom app is software made for a specific organization or company. The customer describes his request and needs of the software and the manufacturers according to the needs and desires. The employer provides the software for that group and gives it to the company, which is specific to that group. 

As mentioned, each of these software has a suitable application, so it is not very easy to compare them with each other, but still, custom apps have advantages and differences. They are related to ready-app, some of which are mentioned below. 

custom app development is better than the ready app
  • Ready-app has a set of predefined features and is general. Still, custom software has features that are unique to the company and organization and exclusively meet the company’s needs
  • For custom apps, existing examples can be emulated and their unnecessary items removed for the new software, or requirements added to attract more customer satisfaction. 
  • Ready-app is not provided for one company only, so they must run and install on different platforms, but custom software is designed only for one company. It can be run and installed on the same company’s systems. 
  • If you use the ready app, this new software may not be compatible with the company’s previous plans, and you will have to pay an additional fee to synchronize the ready app with your previous software. But this does not happen for custom software because they are built from the ground up with flexibility with previous software. 
custom app development is better than the ready app
  • Custom software, unlike ready-app, will generally belong to the customer, not the employer. 
  • It will be easier to make changes to the custom app due to its high flexibility. 
  • Ready-app helps you stay competitive but does not make much progress. 
  • Achieving the goal with a custom program is more likely because this program is designed exclusively to solve this problem. 
  • Upgrading ready-app is more expensive, however, if you use custom software, you only need to pay once to design the order, and like ready-app, you do not have to pay regularly to upgrade it. This is especially important for small companies, for which the return of small expenses is also an important issue for them. 
Custom software
  • Customized applications can better meet customer expectations because we get their feedback on previous software and implement their requirements in new custom software. 
  • Custom applications allow you to serve more comprehensive customers. 
  • Custom applications have higher network security than ready-app, partly because there is no similar application on the market. Custom application development also means that applications are highly secure, which is not the case with ready-app. 
  • When you use ready-app, you must abide by the rules of commercial software companies to update and support it, but this is not the case with custom software. 
  • The customer is not involved in the design and production of ready-app, but in the production of custom software, the customer submits his opinions, and his opinions are involved in the design. 
  • All custom software development documents are legally owned and provided to the customer and may be changed in the future. Still, this does not happen in ready-app, and the design documentation is for the designer. 
  • When you use ready-app, you can not compete well with competitors and brand yourself, so you bring the logo and color you use and want in the software and make it unique for your company. As a result, a ready app is used in several places to meet your customers’ needs. 
  • Due to the advancement of science and technology and numerous updates, the time to use ready-app is short because they have to be updated regularly to meet customer needs. 
  • Sometimes some employers think that using ready-app is better than custom software because it is available, visible because custom software has not yet been developed, so their risk is higher, but this hypothesis is wrong, and results and statistics show that ready-app meets only 60-80% of the needs of employers and customers, While in the case of custom software, this percentage goes higher. 
Customized applications

According to what has been said, and in general, it can be concluded that custom software is better than ready-app, but still, custom software has disadvantages, including: 

  • The employer may well meet your requirements and after presenting the product, realizes that this product is very different from the company’s requirements, and a lot of money and time has been wasted here. 
  • Sometimes the software company may not have enough expertise in this issue and may not be able to solve the demands of the project; at this stage, too much money and time have been wasted. 
  • Custom application design takes more time; ready-app can be easily implemented in 3 to 4 days and launched in a few weeks. Still, developing a customizable application takes time because it is designed from the beginning and then tested for further testing. The custom program takes a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months to enter the market. If you do not want to spend a lot of time developing an application, ready-made solutions are the best option. 


custom applications for Android and iPhone

According to the above, the use of custom applications for Android and iPhone has an increasing trend from previous years until now. The use of custom applications is newer than ready applications. It should be noted that Noting that not all programs can be upgraded, the issue of investment and budget is also critical in today’s world. Hence, startups and organizations need to follow the process of developing custom programs and ignore ready-made solutions. 

Finally, it should be noted that creating a custom application has excellent advantages, and Calistu professional group is ready to provide services in the field of custom application production; Calistu Group, with the support of professionals experts, Can help customers with the highest quality in many areas of web development and custom application design. Also, for more information, you can refer to the Calistu application page.

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