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Top 10 Web Development Tools 2021

As a wizard can’t perform the same magic without a wand, developers also need Web Development Tools to access various technologies! Using Web Development Tools offers faster mobile development at a lower cost. If you’re looking for a web design job, keep yourself updated on the best web development tools in the market.

Developers can build responsive designs with them. A responsive web design offers a better browsing experience to users. In addition, it can be effective in improving your SEO and decreasing bounce rates and maintenance requirements.

Enlisted below are the most popular tools for Web Development that are used worldwide.


AngularJS Features

With the help of AngularJS, you can expand the HTML vocabulary. HTML is highly effective when it comes to static documents, but it doesn’t function on dynamic views. The environment provided by AngularJS can be developed swiftly and it’s easy to read and understand. You can use AngularJS’s toolset to create your app development framework.

This toolset is thoroughly extensible and can function with other libraries. As your development process requires, you can replace or adjust features with this tool. Therefore, AngularJS can be a good candidate for a web development job.

AngularJS Features:

  • AngularJS has features such as Reusable Components, Localization, and Directives; all of which you can use to create components.
  • It also provides you with Form Validation, Server Communication, and Deep linking. These features help you with Forms, Navigation, and backends.
  • It also contains Testability build into it.
  • With its Data Binding, you can get rid of DOM manipulation. It also has Plain JavaScript and Controller.

Chrome DevTools:

Chrome DevTools Features

As the name suggests, chrome offers a toolset that you can use for a web development job. To use them all you need is Google Chrome installed on your computer. With the help of these tools, you can view and alter the style of a page and the DOM. Other features of Chrome DevTools include running and debugging JavaScript in the Console, the ability to view messages, improving the website’s speed, troubleshooting problems fast, and editing the pages in the process.

Chrome DevTools Features:

  • Using the performance panel functionalities you’ll be able to optimize your website in a number of ways. Some of these optimizations include Analyze Runtime performance, having faster speed, and detecting forced synchronous layouts.
  • Chrome DevTools offers lots of functionalities that work on security panels. Some of these panels include the Memory panel, Sources panel, Elements panel, Device mode, Application panel, Network panel, and Network panel.
  • Chrome DevTools help you examine Network activity.


Sass Features

Sass is the CSS extension language that is most mature and stable. Sass can provide you with nested rules, variables, functions, and mixing. Using Sass you can share your design throughout various projects.

Sass Features:

  • Multiple inheritances are supported by Sass.
  • A sizeable community is active in Sass.
  • Sass offers you the ability to organize large Stylesheets.
  • Features like variables, arguments, loops, and nesting are available in Sass.
  • It is compatible with CSS.


Grunt Features

As a JavaScript Task Runner, Grunt is highly effective for automation. It will perform most of the repetitive work such as minification, compilation, Unit testing, etc. You can use Grunt for any web development job if it fits.

Grunt Features: 

  • With Grunt, you can automate virtually everything. Automation is also very simple and easy.
  • Grunt offers numerous plugins with the ability to build personal plugins to Npm as well.
  • It is easy to install.


CodePen Features

As an online tool, CodePen offers various functionalities for designing and sharing frontend development. CodePen offers all the features of IDE on your browser. This will help you create your project in a web development job.

CodePen Features:

  • Your pens will be private in CodePen.
  • If two or more people want to write and modify codes in a pen simultaneously, they can do so by using the collaboration mode in CodePen.
  • You can drag and drop different files in CodePen such as CSS, SVGs, images, Media files, and JSON.
  • A customizable editor is implemented within CodePen.


TypeScript Features

Typescript is an open-source programming language. This language is a typed superset of JavaScript. Using this language will cause the code to be compiled to plain JavaScript. Typescript’s virtue is that it can support any operating system, host, or browser. You can also transfer the TypeScript code from JavaScript while using the existing JavaScript code.

TypeScript Features:

  • With TypeScript, you can employ the latest JavaScript features.
  • TypeScript will help you configure interfaces between the components of the software.
  • You can run your compiled TypeScript code in any JavaScript engine or browser as long as they support ECMAScript 3 and in Node.js as well.

As a software development tool, GitHub is used to manage and review your projects. With the help of GitHub, you can acquire a web development job and organize your work process. You can use GitHub to build a review process for the written codes. This review process can be implemented into your workflow and can be merged with your already existing tools. You can position this tool as a cloud-hosted solution or a self-hosted solution.


GitHub Features

As a software development tool, GitHub is used to manage and review your projects. With the help of GitHub, you can acquire a web development job and organize your work process. You can use GitHub to build a review process for the written codes. This review process can be implemented into your workflow and can be merged with your already existing tools. You can position this tool as a cloud-hosted solution or a self-hosted solution.

GitHub Features:

  • GitHub helps developers investigate new programming languages. They can also use it for their personal projects.
  • GitHub offers various security elements. Some of these features include Two-factor authentication or Security incident response.
  • You can use project management features that are embedded in GitHub.
  • GitHub also has tons of features for companies and enterprises. Some of these features include Invoice billing, Unified search and Contribution, SAML single sign-on, Access provisioning, 99.95% uptime, and advanced auditing.


NPM Features

You can create wonders with Npm through important JavaScript tools. Its functionalities are superb for team management and configuring is unnecessary with it. Npm also offers security auditing features.

If you want to employ Npm on an enterprise level, it can provide you with features such as de-duplicated development, extraordinary support, unrivaled security, and access control.

NPM Features: 

  • Npm Orgs plan offers you every basic feature of the open-source solution. In addition, you will have control over team permissions, token management, and perform workflow integration.
  • The enterprise solution offers further features. Some of which include dedicated private registry, invoice-based billing, and industry-standard SSO authentication.
  • Using an open-source and free solution will provide you with automatic warnings about unsafe codes and basic support. It will also enable you to launch unlimited OSS packages and install public packages.


Sketch Features

If you’re looking for a web design job, Sketch is your best friend. Sketch provides a smart layout to help you create responsive and reusable components that can automatically get resized to fit the content. It provides hundreds of plugins. It supports Mac OS. It can be used to create timeline animations.

Sketch Features:

  • Sketch has the features of powerful vector editing, pixel-perfect precision, non-destructive editing, code export, and prototyping.
  • It provides collaboration features that will allow your team members to share designs and prototypes.
  • With the help of Sketch, you will be able to turn wireframes into UI elements.


JQuery Features

As a JavaScript library, JQuery simplifies HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation and can provide you with any imaginable feature. JQuery is also employed for animation and event handling.

JQuery Features: 

  • Gzipped and minified, it’s 30/kb.
  • It’s compatible with CSS3.
  • JQuery has a simple API that will facilitate tasks such as animation and Ajax.
  • You can add it as an AMD module.

Now, these were the top 10 web development tools in the market. There are other web development tools that you can look them up but trust me, these are the best ones!

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