The relationship between Ads and SEO

The relationship between Ads and SEO

Two of Calistu’s services are Ads and SEO. the common question of our customers is “the relationship between Ads and SEO“. In this article, we answer these similar questions.

Another question that often arises for many people is “Does Google Ads affect SEO or not?” Many people even refer to this issue as the impact of Google ads on SEO. But is there a relationship between the two, and can advertising on Google play a direct role in improving a site’s ranking in Google?  

Both digital advertising and SEO can help customers find your business and encourage them to buy from your website. But what is the relationship between SEO and advertising, especially Google Ads? Are these two forms of online advertising interrelated? Is it possible to damage your website SEO with certain types of ads?

Reasons to do website search engine optimization (SEO)

Reasons to do website optimization
  • The front page of search engines like Google is like a billboard in the busiest part of the city.  
  • With SEO you can have great feedback to increase customer and sales.  
  • SEO can make your business bigger and bigger.  
  • With SEO, you can always wait for new customers to call.
  • SEO can reduce your marketing and advertising costs.

Google Ads for helping and influencing SEO 

Google Ads for helping and influencing SEO

Google Ads has a set of tools that you can use to influence the process of optimizing your site.  

Google Ads is the way to reach customers who can increase your sales chart and achieve economic goals through Google Ads faster. On the other hand, focusing on SEO can help improve the site in the long run. Therefore, it can be said that you should not neglect the services of Google Ads to reach your actual customers. Customer loyalty and their return to your site can affect SEO. 

Some types of digital advertising and their impact on SEO 

Some types of digital advertising and their impact on SEO 

The cost of digital advertising is much lower and more targeted than traditional methods. Some of the digital advertising methods include the following:

  • Textual advertisement
  • Video ads  
  • Link box
  • E-mail marketing  
  • Content marketing  
  • Network marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The impact of Google ads on SEO 

The impact of Google ads on SEO 

The fact is that there are many similarities between the relationship between SEO and advertising in Google. What SEO experts have claimed is that the two, although separate in nature, can grow a business in combination. But this does not mean that more ads on Google mean improving the site ranking in Google 

Factors that affect website SEO are divided into two categories: 

  • Direct factors
  • Indirect factors

Direct influences are the things that increase your site’s ranking and rank it on the first page of Google. 

But the factors that affect indirectly, do not have enough impact on SEO to be in the category of direct factors, nor are they so useless that their impact can be denied. 

Therefore, the effects that Google Ads also has on SEO ranking are in the category of indirect influencing factors. This means that Google Ads can indirectly enhance your efforts to improve your site rankings on Google by branding, checking ad clicks, finding keywords, estimating traffic, and increasing your link sharing.

These factors implicitly have a significant impact on the SEO of your website. One of the indirect factors is cyberspace. 

Is SEO better for business or Google ads?  

Is SEO better for business or Google ads?  

In general, it cannot be said that SEO is better for a business or Google ads because to be successful, you must use both of these tools. SEO is a long process that requires support, quality, and of course patience. With Google Ads, you can reach your target customers on a cross-sectional basis. 

Google Ads works best for companies that focus on advertising and sales. This strategy is best for companies that want to see immediate results and be able to monitor their efforts as soon as the campaign is launched. But SEO works best if you are patient and looking to create steady flow over time or increase brand awareness. This strategy will help more people to find and learn about your brand. With care and effort, you can optimize your site for search engines and help your business get more traffic. 

What are the benefits of using Google ads and SEO at the same time? 

Is SEO better for business or Google ads
Is SEO better for business or Google ads

The main advantage of using these two tools at the same time is that you can increase the overall traffic to your site, either organically or by clicking and paying. 

So by using these two tools at the same time, you have increased your chances of showing more in different Google results. So if you want to be superior to your competitors in the field of competition, it is better to use the impact of Google ads on SEO in the long run. 

The point to keep in mind here is that the quality of advertising should not be below. If your site is full of ads, Google may stop monitoring your site. Also annoying are some pop-up ads that are repetitive and difficult to close. As a result, this type of advertising can potentially lead to a drop in rankings, even if you provide very valuable content on your web pages. 

When your ads are not relevant and relevant to the search term, every click you receive on your campaigns will not result in a positive user experience and will damage your credibility. By doing this, you will spend a lot of money on advertising and you will not have enough budget for SEO. 

But when your advertising campaigns are properly developed and managed, they can have a positive impact on SEO. Combining SEO with advertising allows you to create stronger marketing campaigns, diversify your approaches and make your brand more popular. 


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What we have said is that ads on Google do not interfere with natural search results and these ads can not directly improve your site SEO. However, some people believe that this can indirectly have a positive effect on your site SEO by branding, increasing content sharing, and finding better keywords. 

In the end, everything depends on the details. Does advertising affect SEO? Yes, it can certainly be effective, but not directly. If you take years to train yourself (or leave it to experts), you will maximize the benefits of using Google SEO and advertising at the same time. 

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If you have questions about SEO and how to do it, you can refer to the Calistu site, the link of which is given below. Calistu is a professional group in the field of IT and web development that provides many facilities. Whether you want to SEO your site, Calistu offers many services with the best experts.

Calistu does his best to come up with a plan that is easy, safe, and accessible. One of the reasons that distinguish Calistu from other competitors is Calistu’s services that use a variety of technologies to develop applications. Calistu stays with the customers until they reach their goals. They show the best and easiest way for customers to succeed.

What services does the Calistu SEO Department provide? 

Ads and SEO

Calistu is ready to provide professional SEO services to you dear ones by assembling a very strong and professional SEO team. All the following services can be done in the field of SEO:

  • Consulting in the field of site optimization
  • Determining the SEO strategy of the site
  • Exclusive SEO analysis of your site
  • Support for SEO sites
  • Improve site position in search engines like Google
  • Increase your input from search engines like Google 
  • Increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers  
  • Increase click-through rates in search engines
  • Eliminate structural problems of the site in terms of SEO


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