Mobile App development process

Mobile App development process

These days, the mobile phone is an integral part of human life; the mobile phone has almost eliminated the use of many devices and has included all of them; for example, few people use the watch to know the time and almost use it as a luxury accessory. Another example is about the calendar, notebook, flashlight, etc. This is becoming more and more prominent and all our needs are being met through the phone and its applications. 

Today, you need to connect with the virtual world to promote your business. This will increase customer retention, customer awareness of new products and services, loyalty, and easy customer access to your product and services. 

For this reason, in the meantime, application development and mobile development have become very important due to their widespread use of it in the world. 

Now the question arises, what is application development

Mobile application development is the process of building applications that run on mobile. Today, the two operating systems, iOS and Android, are the dominant platforms globally, which can be read both on Google. 

Extensive studies are required to launch an application because writing an application is not very difficult these days. If you know a little about software, you can do it, but what happens to an application? Succeeds and sometimes fails? 

Mobile app development process

The first step for making App is that flash of the idea. 

Once a person has an idea, like a start-up, we try to complete details by answering some of the following questions: 

  • Who is the target community of this application? 
  • Is the idea of designing this application pure and pristine, and is there a similar example, at least in the country in question or not? 
  • What are the successful examples of this application? 
  • How essential is this application? 
  • Is the use of this application temporary or permanent? 
  • How much update is needed? 
  • What is the geographical and spatial community of this application? 
  • What platforms should this be on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone? 
  • Will it be static, or will it have new content added regularly? 
  • What features will it use? 
  • The camera, GPS, accelerometer, or other hardware? 
  • Will it link to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media assets? 
  • Does it require 3D animations or connect to the backend database? 
  • One of the most important questions to ask is what is the budget? 

Budget is one of the most critical questions in mobile application design, so to answer this question, you have to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the scope of the App? 
  • Which app platform should I choose? Ios, Android, or both? 
  • Do I need a full app or MVP? (If you are concerned about time, resources, or costs, define your MVP and prioritize it. MVP means the minimum accepted product. You can design an application in the early stages that meets the basic needs but is not so large and complex.) 
  • What is the time frame? 
  • Should I use an API (application programming interface) 
  • How will you maintain the App? 

If something similar to your App has already been built, you should try to fix the bug of the previous App and release an app with better capabilities; the important thing is that you should not copy the exact App and make it available to customers. Put yourself. 

Among the things that are important for designing a mobile application that has an example are the following: 

Application security

 App development process

In this application, you may get private information and sometimes personal numbers of people. Sometimes, access to remote parts of the phone is granted to the user, so you have to maintain complete security to make users comfortable. The program’s safety must be tested several times; for example, if the program is such that it stores the username and password on the program, it must also maintain the security of the information. 

Application speed

In a world where that is based on speed, and the users’ patience is not high, the rate of the application is significant, and this issue is challenging due to the decrease and increase of the internet speed of the region. 

Application wireframe: 

The graphics and the central space of the program should be both attractive and understandable, and it should be comfortable for all people to work with it. The user needs to identify where to start at the end of the application, where to complete their information, where to make a payment, and finally, exit the application. In addition, the color used in the application, the font used in the text, the logo used in it, the standard guide in the App, etc., are essential. 

Different methods can be used to design the mobile application at this step. Among these methods, the following can be mentioned 

  1. Native method 
  2. Cross-platform method 
  3. HTML5 method 
  4. Mobile friendly site method 

Existing tools for mobile app development improve the performance of that App. The best tools for mobile application development include the following: 

  • Xcode 
  • Android studio 
  • App code 
  • jQuery mobile 
  • and … 

You need to list your essential features and application, why the customer should use your application, and differentiate your application from the previous ones; now, you can determine the design schedule and costs. 

In this step, you provide a prototype of your mobile application design to identify its drawbacks and weaknesses and move it forward. You need to test the App and anticipate and fix any bugs, crashes, or bad experiences that may occur.  

Why is it essential to test the mobile app before releasing it? If the application design is poor or weak, it will cause many users to remove the application from their system after limited installation and use. 

For the last step, you can put your App in the markets. One of the largest markets is the Google Play Store, which is built to download and install Android applications, and it is straightforward to work with for any age group


Mobile App development

For mobile application development to succeed, proper development methods must be used. This action can be achieved by knowing the best way and the most appropriate tools. The thing to keep in mind is that application development is never complete, and it should constantly be upgraded and so-called updated, which happens according to the needs and requests of users. 


In all these steps, Calistu can accompany you; Calistu offers a wide range of services in the field of application and web development. A good event in the Calistu group is that this collection has professional colleagues who help you process the application development process professionally and efficiently. Calistu experts can give you expert advice. Finally, the output of the work is a mobile application that can be suitable for Android, iOS, or cross-platform operating systems, depending on your choice. 


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