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How to Get an iOS Development Job? Learn these tips and tricks!

If you’re new in the market, you might be struggling with how to find an iOS development job. There are things you need to get one so you’ve come across this article. So let’s dig in and learn the things you should know.

iOS Development Pros and Cons

Being an iOS developer has numerous privileges including its high salary and vast job opportunities. iOS development can also push your creativity beyond its borders and help you tackle large projects you’ve only dreamed of.

A talented workforce is scarce and in high demand in the world of tech, and that shortage is more noticeable among developers. So you don’t have to worry about iOS apps being in low demand for a long while.

So it’s pretty obvious that with the demand for iOS developers on the rise, the salary for the job rises parallelly. Nowadays iOS developers working in the major markets easily grasp salaries over $100,000. As you become more skilled, you’ll reach even higher ground. But a mouthwatering salary isn’t all you get as an iOS developer. The job’s flexibility is another thing that attracts many young enthusiasts to the field. You can work from home or while traveling or far away from your corresponding company!

But every utopia has a challenging winding road to it. The world of tech is constantly evolving, thus requiring constant studying and growing as a developer. There’s no end to what you can learn and how skilled you can become. Of course, to some developers, that’s the joy of it!

An iOS Developer is responsible for:

  1. Robust unit testing of the codes including factors such as general reliability, edge cases, and usability.
  2. Designing unique and professional iOS applications through a creative workflow.
  3. Being able to team up and communicate with cross-functional teams to plan and design novel ideas and features on the project.

An iOS developer is mainly required to:

  • Have experience as an iOS developer.
  • Understand mobile product and design life cycles.
  • Have prior encounters with iOS frameworks such as Core Animation and Core Data.
  • Efficiently integrating iOS applications by learning RESTful APIs.
  • Being handy with various testing tools.
  • Being familiar with CI/CD platform and pipelines and comprehending the iOS release cycle.
  • Having impeccable skills and experience in either Swift or Objective-C.
  • Preferably having a Computer Science degree or anything related to the field.
  • Having a portfolio of released successful applications on the App Store to showcase your creativity and skill set.
  • Deeply understanding code versioning tools like Git.
  • Being a natural problem solver with an analytical mindset to eliminate errors and challenges.

As a writer needs a pen to write and a pianist a piano, you’ll need a Macintosh computer to become an iOS developer and get an iOS development job. That’s due to the fact that the software used for iOS development is only compatible with MAC operating systems. Can you run macOS on other computers? Yes, you can. But you’ll need a license from Apple which is hard to acquire. So it’s not worth the trouble and best to get a Mac computer.

Basics to get an iOS Development Job


Mastering Xcode is a necessity to become an iOS app developer and ultimately leads to getting an iOS developer job. With Xcode IDE you can make your app excel in every aspect and offer an unmatched user experience. Xcode helps you turn your concept into code perfectly.

Developers can also access various useful Apple services like Game Changer and Passbook through Xcode. So understanding Apple’s Xcode IDE like the palm of your hand is essential for iOS app developers.

So are you looking for an iOS development job? You’ll need to have Xcode on your computer before anything else. Fortunately, Xcode is free to download on the App Store for Mac computers. As an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Xcode offers developers several necessary tools including instruments, simulator, debugger, and many more. These tools help you develop apps for Apple products.

Xcode is an unrivaled and comprehensive platform that helps you through every step of app development, from developing and testing the app to submitting and uploading it on the App Store. It also offers multiple templates for developing apps with different types on different devices. This makes your app development process a smooth sail!


Swift is unanimously used all across the globe as the perfect programming language for iOS app development. So to get an iOS development job, you’ll need to know Swift like your native language! As an object-oriented and protocol-oriented with multi paradigms, Swift uses the open-source LLVM compiler.

Keep in mind that apps developed with Swift just work on devices that have iOS 7 or higher operating systems. But 92% of iPhones produced in the last four years run on iOS 13, So that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Don’t have sufficient knowledge and experience of major programming languages? Don’t worry. Start programming with Swift and learn various object-oriented commands and concepts. You’ll become a coding wizard in no time! Use Swift Playgrounds to learn these concepts and commands. It can accelerate your learning process and make it easier.

Swift 3.0 is owned by Apple and it has been universally used to develop iOS apps for years. So before getting any iOS development job, you’ll probably be asked about your knowledge of Swift. 

Even though Swift is very important, you don’t reach the depths of it if you’re just beginning your career. Learning the fundamental functionalities and a general understanding of the language is enough to get you started. Here are the most important things to start with:

  • Interoperability of Objective-C
  • General Syntax
  • Control Flow (Switch and If functions)
  • Error troubleshooting and solving
  • Optionals
  • Inheritance, Classes, and Initialization

If you’ve reached the end of this article, that means you’re ready to start your journey to get an iOS development job and become an iOS app developer. So don’t waste any more time and use this article as your guideline. Are there any points we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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