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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers, Using Instagram’s Paid Promotion

Numerous brands rely on Instagram as their fundamental social media appearance. Using Instagram, they can establish an engaged audience, grow conversions, and direct profitable traffic to their landing pages.

If you’re reading this article, your Instagram activity isn’t as fruitful as you hoped it might be. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of Instagram follower ads, you develop sharper strategies to receive organic followers on Instagram. As your audience becomes larger, you’ll face more opportunities to interact with the users and offer exceptional experiences to them.

Acquire more followers using Instagram Paid Promotion

Instagram might not provide the same optimization for users as Facebook does. However, using Instagram Follower Ads can still help you in building a quality audience. In the following, we will introduce 5 steps that help you gain Instagram followers with paid promotion. So read on!

Establish your Target Audience

Quality should always come before quantity. Instagram followers that engage with your brand are the ones worth acquiring and you should seek them. Engaging could simply mean being interested in your brand’s content. So swiping through your stories and getting directed to your website through the links is important.

Following these tips can help you manifest your campaign targeting:

  • Audience layering helps you receive the most relevant audience and also varies your main audience interest. So don’t forget to employ it.
  • The audience you’ve acquired on other platforms can be a potential audience on Instagram as well. If you have followers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, promote yourself to them so they can follow you on Instagram as well. The key factor here is to make sure the experience you offer on different platforms is not a carbon copy of each other. 
  • Observe the related interests in each ad set and use them to filter out the things that don’t resonate as strongly.
  • Notice similar audiences. People who follow and interact with your brand, usually have followers and friends of their own with similar interests. Target these audiences to acquire more engaging followers.

Recognize your organic posts with the best results

Figuring out what organic posts give the best results helps you with your ad strategy effortlessly. Posts with the most comments, likes, and shares play a major role. Identify and examine them for your ads. You can also directly employ them as Instagram follower ads.

The posts should be relevant to the target audience. They should also be able to be reexamined and altered to drive your desired traffic to your Instagram page.

Launch a campaign

The best way to increase your user growth is to build Instagram follower ads that are optimized for traffic. Users should be directed to your Instagram page by tapping on a link. Then you should persuade them to follow its content.

So start by determining a campaign budget and establishing audiences. Try to be creative to encourage your audience to exhibit behaviors leading to following you on Instagram.

Convey your message to the same-level audience

Imagine you have a restaurant with your brand and you’ve discovered your audience to be healthy food diners. So you have to ensure that your Instagram follower ads refer to them and not to an audience that is a fan of fried foods. So try out different images and Instagram follower ads copy variations to create the best ads that drive in more of your desired audiences.

A short-term interaction with your followers is important but creating a foundation that continuously images the users is essential for the long-term success of your brand on Instagram. Remember that many of the users that are attracted to brands by Instagram follower ads can slip away as well!

Keep re-evaluating and evolving your Social Ads Strategy

In any paid social campaign, you’ll face different chances to refine and upgrade it from the starting point. So you’ll need a smart and ensured approach to make your investment worthwhile. This could mean anything from including and excluding targeted audiences to turning off specific ad types and channels

What is the cost of Instagram ads?

There is no precise price for Instagram follower ads. This can depend on various factors. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • How competitive is your industry.
  • Where the ad is placed. Ads costs are different based on whether they appear on Instagram or Facebook.
  • The time of the year you place your ad. In times such as holidays or Black Friday when there is more shopping, prices go up.
  • The potential customers that are your targets.

You need to assess your Instagram follower ads budget to see if it can reach your desired goal. To do that, launching a draft campaign is the most suitable option. This way you can evaluate estimated daily results modules and audience definition. You can tell by the results whether you’re able to reach your intended customers in the duration of your goal.

What kinds of Instagram follower ads are there?

So no matter your type of business and your goal, you can choose the best ad format that meets your needs. Any of these ad types have specific call-to-action choices. Let’s dig in and learn more about them:

Video Ads

Instagram video ads help businesses showcase services and products while displaying their brand profile.

Image Ads

Similar to Video Ads, brands can use a simple image to introduce themselves and present their services and products to their audience.

Explore Ads

As the name suggests, you can find Explore ads in Instagram’s Explore tab. This section of Instagram is designed to let users explore new accounts and discover content. These contents are built upon the user’s usage habits. This structure has caused more than 50% of Instagram users to use the Explore tab on a monthly basis. So Explore ads can be a great choice for advertisement.

Instagram Explore ads are not found on the topic channels or in the Explore grid. These ads are shown when taps on content in the Explore. So Explore ads let brands showcase their products while the ever-changing content in the users’ Explore tabs is shown. Having your ads alongside trending and relevant content can be a huge step up for your brand’s advertisement. You can use both videos and images as Explore ads.


IGTV ads are in a video format and they’re played when users tap on an IGTV video from their feed. These videos should be adjusted to a vertical full-screen viewing and they shouldn’t be longer than 15 seconds in duration. IGTV ads appear in the middle of the original video and they can be skipped by the user’s choice.

Shopping Ads

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has been immensely investing in its e-commerce features, and no wonder why. Over 130 million users tap and explore shopping posts on a monthly basis. Nowadays, users can check and purchase their favorite products within the Instagram app. This feature is exclusive to businesses that have enabled Instagram Checkout.

With the help of Instagram Shopping Ads, users can visit a product description page without leaving the app. So Shopping Ads can be comfortable for users while boosting your brand up.

Collection Ads

A cross between shopping ads and carousel ads is called collection ads. If you want your products to be shown straight from the product catalog, this is the ad type you should go for.

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