A full guide on Instagram advertisement

Instagram Ads: A full guide on Instagram advertisement

People have been able to create Instagram Ads, using the self-serve advertising platform of Facebook. Learning this has been the norm since 2015 and it’s fairly easy. Using this platform, you can master your ads thoroughly. Who your ad is shown to and how it appears are among the things you can control. Another advantage of these ads is that they get posted directly from your own account, contrary to paid partnerships and sponsored posts.

Some of the benefits of this type of Instagram ads are listed below:

  • It’s a self-serve platform and it’s simple to operate.
  • Its audience targeting is most accurate and flawless.
  • Its detailed reporting gives you total control.
  • The prices are scalable in a wide range.

You can create Instagram Ads using two different ways. One option is altering posts into ads using Promote. This method resembles Facebook’s Boost button. The only things you should determine are where people are directed when they click on your ad, the amount you wish to spend, and the people who see your ad. Another method is creating campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager. This is a swiss army knife type of tool that you can use to put up ads across Facebook, Instagram, and more platforms.

Instagram Ads are highly influential on people’s shopping behavior patterns. Researchers show that 80% of users employ Instagram’s help to decide whether to buy a service or a product. So it doesn’t matter that you’re an industry giant or a local business. You can attain new customers and grow your sales statistics by creating an affordable campaign.

Why should we use different Instagram Ads type?

reasons to use Instagram Ads

There’s no doubt that various Instagram Ads type are popular among businesses, but why? Here are 5 key reasons:

Users’ attention:

Statistics show that users spend an average of 50 minutes per day devouring their attention to Instagram and Facebook. Among U.S. citizens 1 out of every 5 minutes spent on the phone is dedicated to social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Phenomenal targeting abilities:

Facebook probably has the strongest targeting structure on the market and fortunately, Instagram applies the same advertising system. Using different features of Instagram ads type, you can define your target audience based on demographics, activities, location, favorites, and more. Even targeting customers or anyone who has interacted with you is possible with Instagram.

Growing audience:

In a study by TrackMaven, 26,965 brands in every industry were examined. The studies showed brands have experienced 100% median follower growth from 2015 to 2016. Right now, Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media apps in the market.

 Remarkable outcomes:

Instagram once analyzed more than 400 campaigns throughout the world. The results showed that ad recall from different Instagram ads type is 2.8 times higher than Nielsen’s norms regarding online advertisement.


According to Instagram, 60% of their users claim that using Instagram, they learn about services and products. Also, 75% said they search, visit websites, and discuss with their friends after seeing an Instagram post.

Instagram Ads type to choose from

As Instagram is a visual platform, you might think Instagram ads type don’t differ. But that’s not true. Each type of ad has various traits which make it suitable for different purposes. Let’s examine each of them more deeply:

Story Ads

Instagram story ads pop up in between the stories users are viewing. These ads can be both videos or images. More than 500 million users view their stories every day. Hence this makes story ads a suitable option to introduce your brand and engage your audience.

Explore Ads

As the name suggests, these Instagram ads type appear on the explore tab of Instagram. The explore tab follows a certain algorithm that generates content based on the user’s personal preferences. So users will find your ad among their favorites when they’re looking for new products to buy.

Still-Image Ads

Instagram was first launched as a simple photo-sharing platform. So you can expect photo ads to be the main and basic type of ads. Photo ads are exactly like a basic Instagram post. They share a single visually alluring photo that has a captivating caption beneath it.

Although still-image ads are the simplest and easiest ad type on Instagram, they can be tricky to make. As there’s a galore of visual content on Instagram, you have to create your image interesting enough to capture the user’s attention. Adding an appealing capture to enhance user engagement is also important.

Instagram has lots of features that can pave your way in advertising. Attaching a view profile button (to let users find your Instagram page) and including a call to action button is among the features you can use while advertising.

Shopping Ads

Users mostly encounter shopping ads on their explore tab but they can also appear on the users’ feed. These ads usually consist of photos that contain links. These links redirect users to the product page. On the product page, users can learn details about the product and purchase it inside the app.

Video Ads

On top of still-image ads, you can use video advertisements on Instagram. These videos can be adjusted to either square or landscape orientation. They can also be up to 120 seconds in length. If your video is in a square format it should have a minimum resolution of 600×600 pixels and landscape videos should have at least 600×315 pixel resolution.

Videos have the advantage of motion and sound compared to image content. This makes your content more visually appealing which in return increases user engagement. Video ads also allow you to create unique content and introduce your brand glamorously. As users show more engagement with videos, this Instagram ad type can be a fantastic choice for your brand.

Carousel Ads

If your business has multiple products to showcase, carousel ads are the most suitable for you. These ads have a multi-image format on Instagram. This means you can display up to 10 products (images) in a single post. The advantage of these ads is that they increase user engagement. You can also use them if you don’t have the time or resources to create video ads.

Collection Ads

As collection ads are a cross between shopping ads and carousel ads, they have the advantages of both! This makes them one of the Instagram ads type. With collection ads, you can exhibit your products straight from the product catalog.

Collection ads offer users the option to purchase directly from the ad. That means when users click on the ad, they’re guided to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront. Here they can learn details about the product and eventually purchase it. This structure makes collection ads ideal for e-commerce brands.

Reels Ads

Reels was an Instagram feature that took off immediately. As a result of its success, Instagram added the ability to advertise with Reels. These ads are showcased in between Reels videos. They have the same specs as Stories ads. They should be full-screen vertical videos and can be up to 30 seconds.


As you might know, IGTV videos are played after users tap to watch them. IGTV ads are the same and they appear in users’ feeds. These videos should have vertical full-screen specs and can be up to 15 seconds long.

IGTV ads appear in the middle of the videos, but users potentially can skip them. At the moment, IGTV ads are offered to users with Instagram Creator accounts in Australia, the UK, and the US, but more countries will be added to the list soon. Creators can receive 55% revenue in exchange for each view they generate for the ad.

What is the cost of Instagram Ads?

How much do Instagram ads cost

There are various elements that affect Instagram ads costs. So the charges can be significantly different and an average price can’t be indicated. Some of these influential elements include:

  • How competitive is your industry
  • Where you place your ad. Prices for ads on Instagram vs Facebook may differ.
  • The day and month of your advertisement. On occasions such as Black Friday, ad prices might spike up.
  • The targeting you’ve specified in your agenda.

As a business, you need to evaluate your budget and the most suitable way to do that is to initiate a campaign draft in Ads Manager. Within your campaign, you can check the Estimated Daily Results modules and the Audience Definition. This information will help you determine whether your budget will suffice to attain your desired audience in your predetermined duration.

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