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How to Customize Twitter Timeline with Widget

One of the social networks used in social media marketing is Twitter. In this article, we will explain how to Customize Twitter Timeline with Widget.

Twitter is currently a popular social media platform and an effective marketing tool for any business in the online world. It can help you drive more traffic to your website, engage your audience, increase brand awareness, and build personal relationships with your followers and potential customers. So, you need to consider Twitter for business tactics and integrate its timeline into your current website. In this post, we will first give an overview of what the Twitter timeline is and how it works; then we’ll help you learn how to customize Twitter timeline through an embedded Twitter timeline widget.

What Is Twitter Timeline?

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When you log in to Twitter, you’ll settle on your Home timeline. Your Twitter timeline is a stream of Tweets displayed in the order in which they are sent from accounts you have selected to follow. You may also notice suggested content driven by a variety of signals. Your Twitter timeline allows you to Like, Retweet, or Reply a Tweet from inside your timeline.

There are various types of Twitter timelines. By default, the Home timeline is what every user sees. However, you can also generate timelines by Twitter lists. These timelines show messages from accounts added to a list you follow. You can create your own lists of users or use lists made by other people. Search results also shape your Twitter timelines. They display messages that match your search query in sequential order.

How to Interact with Twitter Timelines

One thing to know about Twitter timelines is that you can interact with every message just by clicking or tapping on it. It expands to introduce any media related to it, like a photo or a video, the users who retweeted or replied to it, or other information associated with that Tweet. Twitter timelines have been altered many times as the platform updates its user interface frequently. So, take it easy if your Tweets sometimes change in their looks. There are also several ways for you to customize the Twitter timeline in terms of its functionality or appearance. 

How to Customize Twitter Timeline for Tweets

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In order to manage Tweets, you can select between viewing the top tweets first or the latest ones first on your timeline. Top Tweets are those that you engage with and are likely to care about most. Twitter chooses them smartly based on accounts you interact with most. You can easily toggle between the two modes to customize the Twitter timeline according to your preferences. There’s also a summary of the most engaging Tweets, labeled as “In case you missed it.”; a package of interesting messages you might not have seen. 

You can also utilize the “Bookmarks” feature to bookmark tweets you want to refer to in the future. You can activate this feature on your Android or iOS app and also From a Tweet, simply tap the “share” icon (on mobile apps) and choose “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”. To refer to your saved Tweets, you just need to tap “Bookmarks” from your “profile” icon menu. You can also easily remove a saved bookmark by tapping the “share” icon from the Tweet in your bookmark timeline and choose “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks”. It’s also possible to tap the “more” icon at the top of your timeline to remove all your bookmarks immediately.

How to Customize Twitter Timeline Created from Widgets

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Today, an effective digital marketing strategy is to embed social media features into your business website. This helps you enhance your online visibility by boosting mutual interaction between your website and social media users. You can do this with widgets that have been developed to embed social media features into any page of your website.

To integrate a Twitter timeline into your website, the social platform has created a widget. This embedded timeline widget enables you to integrate a series of Tweets (also called a timeline) into your website. There are two different types of embedded timelines available that appear and feel like timelines on

Profile Timeline: It displays public Tweets from any account on the social platform.

List Timeline: It displays Tweets from public lists.

Note that Twitter widget-embedded timelines will only display public Tweets. Content from accounts with protected Tweets is not compatible with any embedded timeline widgets.

To embed a Twitter timeline into your website, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Visit “”.
  2. Enter the URL of the timeline you want to integrate into your website.
  3. Customize Twitter timeline by specifying the value of UI elements to harmonize with your website.
  4. Copy and paste the code into the HTML code of the webpage where you want the timeline to be shown.

Now, before manipulating the source code, let’s first know the diverse options provided by Twitter for configuring your embedded timeline. These are customizable, client-side properties that you can use in your embedded code to change the appearance of the widget-created timeline. 


In order to customize the Twitter timeline, you first need to define the height. You can specify the height of your timeline while configuring your widget from Twitter. However, you may also adjust the height of the timeline at run time with the “height” option of the anchor tag. Note that the minimum height is generally specified as 200px.


Initially, the Twitter timeline offers a width of 600px; it also fine-tunes itself to the dimensions of the container where the code is filed. However, you can also modify the width of the timeline with the “width” property. The least possible width of the timeline is specified as 180px and the maximum width can be set to 520px.

twitter customized theme


Once you’ve created your widget, you can use it with different themes on various websites. You can do this by utilizing the “data-theme” property. There are two “light” and “dark” values for configuring this property.

Link Color

Link color allows you to customize the Twitter timeline to different colors for various elements. You can change the colors of the hashtags as well as the links in your timeline. You can use any HEX Color value from an HTML color picker to define the “data-link-color” property.


This property manipulates the widget layout by using the “data-chrome” property. You can make any combination of the options by using a space-separated set of codes.

Border Color

This property enables you to modify the border color between two Tweets on your embedded timeline. Again, you can choose any HEX value to define the “data-border-color” property.


By default, the Twitter timeline delivers the language of the webpage you have embedded the timeline onto and alters accordingly. Nonetheless, if you want to set the language of the embedded timeline, you may do this by using the HTML lang attribute on the embedded code itself.

Tweet Limit

Depending on your website’s free space, you may be willing to display only a specific number of tweets on your website. To do this, you will need to utilize the “data-tweet-limit” property and provide your desired numeric value.

How to Customize the Embedded Code 

twitter timeline customize widget

Now, it’s time to customize the Twitter timeline using some of the options mentioned above. If you examine the embedded code of your Twitter widget, you will find an HTML markup like the following:

1.	<a class="twitter-timeline" 
        href="" data-widget-
        id="343079795556491265">Tweets by @calistu</a> 

Now, you can alter this line with the required alternatives. Depending on the previous options, you can rewrite the markup to display your timeline in the most preferred way. You can configure the height, width, link color, border color, and the number of Tweets shown on the timeline. It’s also possible to make several changes to the layout of the timeline.  

1.	<a class="twitter-timeline"
        href="" width="350" height="400" data-
        theme="light"    data-link-color="#cc0000" data-
        chrome="noscrollbar transparent" data-tweet-limit="4" data-
2.	data-widget-id="343079795556491265">Tweets by @calistu</a> 

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