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How to Create an Instagram Content Calendar

Content marketing today is an integral part of any business that wants to introduce itself to its customers online. Therefore, in each company, content production teams have been formed to produce a specific format of content according to the marketing strategy and budget. But to plan in today’s competitive marketplace, the need for an Instagram content calendar is an integral part of marketing teams. In this article, we are going to explain what a content calendar is, and why it should be considered, and finally how to create an efficient one for your Instagram page.

What is a Content Calendar?

Content Calendar (Editorial Calendar) is a tool that helps you plan to better execute your content strategies to get the best results both in terms of efficiency and time. It is actually a calendar of the number and types of content you plan to publish on your media on various dates, including sites, social networks, and so on. This is the crucial point. Content includes everything from articles you post on a website to social media posts. Whether you have a blog for posting articles, or just working on social media, an editorial calendar helps you schedule your content, which ultimately leads to audience order and satisfaction.

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Why Do You Need a Content Calendar?

An editorial calendar is not a set of tasks in a row. In fact, keep in mind that to build a content calendar, you need to set dates and plan based on them. This will help you understand on what date and which specific content should be published in what order. Using and paying attention to the calendar also helps you consider occasions and holidays and publish the appropriate content according to that occasion or holiday. Suppose you are approaching Christmas night. If you have an organized content calendar in advance, you know exactly what kind of content you will produce tonight and at what time you will post it to your Instagram page. This will allow you to prepare and review the appropriate content days in advance.

In addition, a planned content calendar helps you prevent spam from using one type of content (do not generate duplicate content). For example, you may not realize that you have written 4 to 5 articles on a marketing subject in a row, which makes the audience tired of reading it. You should have an editorial calendar for blog posts, emails, social media posts, and any other type of media. You can set up a separate content calendar for each, but keep in mind that it should be integrated.

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Features of a Good Instagram Content Calendar

Instagram Content calendars are designed in many different ways, but there is a consensus among all digital marketers that a good editorial calendar should include:

  • Mention details about who produces the content
  • What kind of content should be produced?
  • Where this content should be published?
  • What do you expect from the production of this content?
  • How can the results of this content be evaluated (KPIs)?

Therefore, in order to gain people’s attention and trust, you must first take the time to think about their needs and concerns. Then start producing content with regular planning.

How to Make an Instagram Content Calendar?

You can use various tools such as Excel, Google Sheet and Trello to create an effective Instagram content calendar. With this calendar, you can prepare all the content you plan to publish on Instagram in an organized way and insert it at the right time. In fact, when you start your business, when you’re busy with different things, you do not need to go crazy looking for the right content for your page. Everything is ready in advance!

Planning for Instagram Posts

It is time to plan for Instagram, to do so, we create a header in Excel, and there are several columns in the tab. Do not forget to edit columns such as day, date, and time to fit your monthly schedule and the days you plan to publish. Here you should pay attention to the fact that according to the analytical reports such as “Impression” that Instagram gives you, choose the best time for the most impression. When you post on Instagram, the more viewers see your post, the higher your Impression level will be. Now you need to check when most of your audience are on your Instagram page.

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Depending on the statistics of your audience, you can determine when it is most appropriate. If most of your audiences are employees, times like 12 pm to 2 pm, or 8 pm to 12 pm, when they have a break and are more likely to be on social media, are the best time to post a new content. In the content column you have to put the text that you want to use as a caption. Try to prepare a concise and effective caption for your audience. Creating a caption in the calendar saves you time as well as relieves stress.

The next column is the hashtag column, which is considered one of the most effective social media tools today. The hashtags you want to put inside and at the end of the text of the photo should be popular, attractive and relevant to the purpose of your post. In the BIO link column, put the link to your post (Note: If you do not have a link, enter your website address). This is applicable when you have a post on your website and you want to direct your Instagram contacts to the website.

With the possibility of adding links to Instagram stories, many users increase site traffic in this way. We explained earlier that select the appropriate caption for each post to have the most impact on the user and convince him to go to the Bio and click on your link. The next column, which is the main part of this Instagram content calendar, is the photo column. In this section, you can hyperlink the address of the place where you designed and saved the photo (or video) related to the post. Follow these steps to create a hyperlink:

  • Right click on the corresponding cell
  • Select the “Hyperlink” option
  • Specify the path to the related folder or photo, and click on “Ok” button
  • If you have only one photo, select your photo link, and if you have several photos to post, specify the folder path

Important Notes About the Size of Photos and Videos on Instagram

Instagram has restrictions on the size of photos and images. For Landscape photos, the “ratio” of length to width of the photo should be a maximum of 1.91: 1, and for vertical photos, the ratio of length to width of the photo should be a maximum of 5:4. The next column is the campaign column. If the posts you are posting are related to a specific campaign, be sure to complete this section and specify its posts. We will describe two critical points about Instagram capabilities:

  • The first point is about the “story” feature of Instagram. For a better result, we suggest that you prepare and adjust a photo related to the story for each post and place it in the photo column in the path of the file. This feature helps a lot to see your last post and draws the audience’s attention to your last post.
  • The second point is about the ability to draft Instagram posts; with this feature, you can do all the steps of selecting a photo, writing a caption, and inserting tags, but do not publish the post and save it in the “Draft” section of Instagram. This will speed up the posting process. Today, there are various tools for managing this, that you can automatically schedule posts.
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Unfortunately, the companies that do not use an Instagram content calendar, face various problems:

  • Content is prepared late, and is less agile than competitors
  • Due to the delay in submitting the content, the opportunity to audit and further review of the content is lost
  • Pristine content production opportunities (special occasions, special campaigns, etc.) are often missed
  • Teams within the organization do not coordinate with each other
  • Content that must be published on Instagram at a certain time is stored in the graphic designer system and no one has access to it
  • The marketing manager is unaware of the organization’s content production process
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of content will be challenging

If you want to be productive in the digital world, you have to plan for the time and energy you spend, and there is no doubt that you can have the best planning with an effective editorial calendar. Now you can create a great Instagram content calendar and use it as the foundation of your content strategy on Instagram.

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