essential factors in e-commerce websites

Essential Factors in e-Commerce Websites 

Calistu as web development company in Dubai provides checklist essential factors that is important to success of e-commerce websites. The use of information technology is one of the necessary links to increase business efficiency in the national economy. Today, the use of the Internet and businesses resulting from this technology by companies has become a means to gain a competitive advantage in business. The Internet has opened up a new arena for the dissemination, exchange, and presentation of information, which in many ways is a profound revolution.

Revolution in the sense that it gradually transforms the economic, social, cultural, political, and technological foundations of societies. Undoubtedly, the wise use of e-commerce technology can help us improve business efficiency and a more active presence in global trade, and help strengthen the country’s position in regional and global markets.  

What is e-commerce? 😊

What is e-commerce

Trade has made great strides in recent decades; So a large volume of transactions are mostly done by phone and mail and using credit cards.

New forms of money and payment methods that exist today, such as electronic checks, smart credit cards have not only led to major changes in the buying process but also the possibility of companies entering the field of money production that to date only in It was up to the governments, it made it possible.

E-commerce is changing the form of competition, the speed of action, the flow of interactions, products, and payments from customers to companies and from companies to suppliers. In general, e-commerce includes sales, marketing, and services for products, services, and information through the Internet and other networks. 

Advantages of e-commerce 

Advantages of e-commerce 

The advantages of e-commerce include the following options: 

  • Growth in trade, sales, revenue 
  • Investment increases 
  • Changing the management processes and establishing enterprises 
  • More and easier access to information 
  • Cost savings and reduced transaction costs 
  • It is easier to conclude multilateral trade, industrial and economic agreements. 
  • After identifying the comparative advantages of the country, e-commerce makes foreign investors more willing to invest in the country. 
  • The level of welfare of the society is improved. 
  • Avoid wasting time and reducing unnecessary traffic. 
  • It is possible to enter trans-regional markets in order to achieve global marketing. 
  • Leads to the elimination of intermediaries and brokers. 


Each e-commerce site has its own characteristics for communication and maintaining a competitive environment. 

Here are some key essential factors in e-commerce websites to achieve your marketing goals: 

What are the effective factors in designing an eCommerce site

What are the effective factors in designing an eCommerce site? 

User friendly 👍

 user friendly in e-commerce websites

Statistics show that for many consumers, the most important feature of a good website is easy and fast shopping. In online sales, in order to facilitate the user’s purchase, it is necessary to design categories, filters, and the ability to compare the product in the site menu. 

Site context

 site context  in e-commerce websites

This means what the site looks like and how the user feels when they see it. The context of each site can be evaluated based on the following models: 

• operational 

• Aesthetic 

Using a Friendly Mobile algorithm 👍 

mobile algorithm e-commerce websites

Today, most online shopping is done by mobile phones, and more and more transactions and purchases are made through it; Therefore, by creating an accessible site, use visual content, it will be possible to buy with any smartphone, which will ultimately lead to more sales and increase the ranking of your site and increase the customer, all you have to do is design your website in a way that your site is displayed in the best way when opened by smartphones and does not force the customer to use a personal computer (responsive design). 

High-quality images and videos 👍

 images and videos in -commerce websites

Visual content is crucial to textual content and quality, and to the use of visual elements to attract customer attention in selling more products; Customers expect to be able to view the product from different angles with original quality assurance. 

Also, observing some technical points in the design, such as the ability to load the site quickly, upload Instagram photos, and high-quality photos uploaded on the site will lead to increased online sales. 

Review the opinions of other customers 👍 

 e-commerce websites customers

Most costumers consider the opinions of other users for evaluation, and half of them refer only to the site rating points, which can be canceled if they encounter negative comments. The point to keep in mind is to ask the customer to provide feedback because sometimes the customer is satisfied with the work but does not comment. 

Submit special offers 👍

 e-commerce websites offers

Most online sales sites inform their customers of their special offers via email, social media, SMS, etc., which is one of the marketing strategies. 

If your site is constantly using ads, providing a dedicated webpage to your customer list will not only increase sales but also improve your site’s SEO. 

Wish list 👍

 e-commerce websites design

Retailers use this option to create more interaction. This option also creates an opportunity to share your brand with new customers. When customers share their list of needs and interests with family and friends, they increase site traffic for free. 

Introducing existing online stores 👍

 e-commerce online stores

Sometimes in shopping online, you do not want to spend a lot of time waiting for the delivery of your goods and you can not buy in person; Therefore, for research online about the desired product and make a purchase, you refer to the Internet, in this regard, it is extremely useful to see which local stores have goods in stock. 

Related items option 👍

 e-commerce websites option

The “related items” feature in an online sales site creates the desired sales impact that many marketers strive to achieve; Because it encourages and creates a sense of curiosity in the user to search for more products to see more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 👍 

 e-commerce websites questions

Customers for more information on the details of their product in shopping online can refer to the FAQ and more information of the site, to read them to answer questions about their product and gain more confidence in the seller. 

Social credibility 👍 

social credibility  in e-commerce websites

Brands can prove their brand authenticity to their customers through social media. 

Security features 👍 

security features in  e-commerce websites

Online shopping is an integral part of our lives; Therefore, maintaining the privacy of customer information and creating a secure environment is one of the tasks of online sellers, which can be implemented by using various platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce. 

Detailed transport information 👍

 e-commerce websites information

Unreasonable transport costs in online shopping are one of the reasons why the buyer’s cart is empty. 

All online stores should include information about the cost and conditions of transport (insert delivery time, the possibility of purchase from anywhere in the country, and options for faster delivery). 

Contact 👍 

contact in  e-commerce websites

Nothing draws the customer’s trust more than a clear and accessible “Contact Us” option. This option is also very effective when selling advanced goods or technical products and arranging appointments online. 

There are also a number of ways to get better access, such as phone numbers, email and online forms, customer service plugins, and adding Google Maps. 

Return Policy 👍

 e-commerce websites  policy

This option, which is also very smart, assures customers that if they are not satisfied due to any discrepancy in product features, it will be possible to replace it. 

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