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Shocking Truths About Facebook Live Analytics !

Social media users today consume more video content than ever before. The vast majority of them are turning to social media channels in search of live video formats such as Facebook Live. Facebook launched its live video feature in April 2016. Since then, it has made a huge impact on users around the world. Facebook Live enables us to stream our everyday lives, exciting events, or follow our favorite users’ stories. Let’s take a look at some more detailed Facebook live analytics to see how it’s holding up in the live video arena.

General Facebook Live Statistics

general facebook live statistics
  • Nearly 95% of social media marketers use Facebook paid ads. 
  • Users now upload 1 in every 5 videos as a Facebook Live first.
  • The new video format is used in various forms, ranging from Q&A interviews to how-to content.
  • Facebook is hiring new human moderators and enhancing its AI-driven tools to ensure each live video is safe to watch.
  • The rapid growth of Facebook Live broadcasts climbed to 3.5 billion last year.
  • Facebook is the most popular platform for business video according to Facebook live stats in 2020.
  • Facebook Live viewership went up by 50% in the spring of 2020 through online classes, fitness sessions, communicating with friends and family.
  • The average number of Facebook Live videos shared was 11,314 in 2020.
  • 200 million small businesses around the globe use Facebook tools that have more than doubled since 2019.
  • In 2019, 3000 years of watch time were viewed on Facebook every day.
  • By April 2018, there were already over 3.5 billion Facebook Live broadcasts.
  • Users watched 100 million hours of video daily on Facebook in 2016.

2021 Facebook Live Statistics

2021 Facebook live statistics
  • In 2021, Facebook could be all video and no text.
  • Facebook Live streaming sessions have gone up by 330%. In 2021, that figure is almost seven times what it was back then.
  • Live video will account for 17% of the total internet video traffic share by 2022.
  • Rather than read social posts, 82% of people prefer a live video from a brand, clearly visible in Facebook live statistics in 2020.
  • Facebook Live was a part of 32% of all video marketing strategies in 2020.
  • Rather than read a blog post, 80% of people prefer to watch a live stream.
  • Between February and March 2020, Facebook live views increased by 50% in the US.
  • Live video only makes up 12% of all published videos, in contrast, pre-recorded videos make up 87.2% of them.
  • You can improve your engagement rate from 0.19% to 0.86%, by simply making your video over 1 hour long.
  • 81.2% of businesses use Facebook to post video content, which is more popular than YouTube with 69.2%.
  • Live video attracts the most comments; 28.239 last year alone.

Facebook Live Developments

Facebook Live Developments

In its relatively short lifespan until now, Facebook Live has already managed to acquire a few neat upgrades.

  • Facebook Live added augmented reality filters to the service in 2016.
  • Live streaming with a friend became available in May 2017.
  • Facebook Live stream waiting rooms became life in October 2018.

Facebook Live Financial Statistics

Facebook Live Financial Statistics
  • 60% of marketers that use videos think their budgets will change in 2021.
  • Facebook paid $50 million to celebrities and media companies through 140 different contracts to use Facebook Live.
  • Facebook additionally paid $2.2 million to 24 YouTube video creators, Vine popular users, and several other influencers around the world to promote Live.
  • Facebook accounted for 84.9% of video ad spending earned $6.81 billion from video ad services in the US in 2018.
  • 84% of video marketers attract more leads, increased about 1%, compared to 2020.
  • 28% of marketers will include Facebook Live in their marketing, about 4% less adoption compared to 2020.

Live VS. Non-Live Videos

Live VS. Non-Live Videos
  • Facebook Live generates 35% more engagement than regular videos.
  • In December 2016, Facebook Live content was watched three times more than non-live videos.
  • In 2016, videos on Facebook Live got 10 times comments more often than regular ones.
  • The average watch time on Facebook Live in 2017 was 34.5 minutes a day.
  •  In June 2017, Facebook Live managed to surpass regular video posts in terms of promotion rate.
  • Facebook usage statistics show Live was the most used live video platform in the US in 2017.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts
  • September 15th, 2015 is a special date for Facebook Live stats enthusiasts. The first-ever live Facebook video was hosted by Mark Zuckerberg himself.
  • The most-watched video on Facebook Live which has had 1.77 million views is called “Chewbacca Mom”.
  • 85% of Facebook users prefer watching videos with the sound off.
  • Mercedes-Benz had the most videos streamed on Facebook Live, about 38 live videos in June 2016.


Facebook Live video can be an effective tool for growing your audience and creating a loyal following. It is bathing in the attention of the public and continues to enjoy impressive growth, regular innovations, and improved video quality. The streaming platform enables countless possibilities and immense potential for both users and marketers, be it for entertainment or business, live videos are now the new king of engagement.

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