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Android Development: Top 10 Android Development Tools 2021

Android apps are a big deal in today’s world. As of March 2017, the Google Play store contained more than 2.8 million Android apps. That’s more Microsoft Windows (669,000) and the Apple Store (2.2 million). On top of that, there are more Android mobile devices compared to other operating systems. So the need for android applications and as a result, their developers, are continuously rising. If you’re also an aspiring Android application developer, learning about the best Android development tools can be highly beneficial for you. Using these tools, developers are able to design their apps in a faster and more efficient manner.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 android development tools that are widely used by developers as of 2021.



Buddy can offer developers changeset-based seamless deployments. Nowadays, app deployment can be a piece of cake. This is due to a set of pre-configured services and actions. Buddy can be the most suitable choice among the uncountable android development tools. Its specific design helps you in creating, testing, signing, and launching your Android App as easily as a single click.


  • Its UI/UX is intuitive and clear
  • It integrates with Google, Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean, and WordPress
  • It contains over 100 actions
  • It can support every renowned task manager and language
  • It can perform actions devoted to Android such as Ionic, Flutter, React Native, and many more

Kobiton :

Android Development Tools kobiton

With the help of Kobiton, ongoing Testing and Mobile/IoT DevOps are made possible. Using Kobiton, you can avoid any bugs before testing the app. You can turn your website or mobile app into an ideal model using performance, visual, and functional test automation and solve its problems before launching the app. Also continuously deploying and initiating tests with seamless CI/CD integrations is possible with Kobiton.


  • Position local devices on Cloud to have remote access to them
  • Scripted or scriptless automated testing of performance, visual, and functional aspects
  • Rapidly debugging by accessing real devices in your IDE
  • Using real devices for testing in the cloud
  • Integration with CircleCI, Travis CI, Jenkins, and more

GeneXus :

Android Development Tools genxus

GeneXus offers a special platform that assesses users’ needs and produces applications accordingly. These applications can be functional for present and upcoming technologies and it doesn’t need to be familiarized with new technologies. A pragmatic developer can use GeneXus to grasp the industry and technology of the day and evolve into it swiftly. This trait makes GeneXus one of the best android development tools today.


  • You can model an application with GeneXus and generate it for diverse platforms multiple times. This can include hybrid and mobile native apps, virtual assistants and chatbots, progressive and responsive web apps, and Apple TV.
  • GeneXus can support Business Process Management. It can perform Digital Process Automation by integrated BPM modeling.
  • It contains an Application security module.
  • GeneXus possess the most sizeable databases supported in the industry.
  • It can automatically generate AI-based software.
  • Generated applications have no runtime.
  • Its deployment is highly flexible. GeneXus can deploy apps in hybrid situations, in the cloud, or on-premises.

Android studio :

Android Development Tools android studio

Android studio is one of the best android development tools, and it is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for all android application packages and encompasses everything needed to develop an android app. It simplifies the developer’s development process and helps develop a quality application package for every device. Also, it is equipped with countless features like visual layout, intelligent code editors, fast simulator, APK analyzer, real-time analyzer, and a flexible build system. Android studio is not just an application package that supports only Google alone but also popular in the community of android developers. It can be used to develop the latest android versions.


  • ​​Instant App Run
  • Visual Layout Editor
  • Fast Emulator
  • Intelligence Code Editor
  • Addition of New Activity as a Code Template
  • Help to Build Up App for All Devices
  • Help to Connect with Firebase
  • Support KOTLIN
  • Colour Previews
  • Maven Repository

 Fabric :

Android Development Tools fabric

Fabric is the development tool that gives the developers the access or ability to build better mobile apps, speed up a business based on analytical data, and know your users in real-time. Hence, Fabric provides a complete, real-time app performance on android and handles each individual’s health status on your development team. It gives pertinent information regarding user activity over the apps and where users can likely interact. Fabric is one of the android development tools that provides a suite of kits to the developer to build better mobile apps. These kits include advertising tools and beta-testing to marketing.

Eclipse :

Android Development Tools eclipse

Eclipse is an officially preferred Java-based integrated development environment for all android application development. It is written originally in the java language for developing java applications, yet it can also support other applications in building different programming languages. For the eclipse development application, you need to install specific plug-ins such as ABAP, C, C++, ABAP, and many more. Even though Google no longer offers support for the eclipse, many developers still use it to create java applications and other cross-platform applications.

Android Debug Bridge :

Android Debug Bridge

ADS are a bridge of communication or a command-line tool between android devices and computers used in the period of development. It is a debugging tool that is always used in the android development environment and QA process. it is an essential tool used for the android developer and is classified into three component which are:

  • A client, which sends commands
  • A daemon (ADBD), which runs commands on a device
  • A server that manages communication between the client and the ADB

Connecting an Android device to the development PC and passing through a series of terminal commands, a developer can modify as needed to both devices. This package can be downloaded using the SDK Manager, which installs on android SDK or platform tools.

Xamarin :

Android Development Tools xamarin

When it comes to native applications, Xamarin is the popular mobile app development tool developers go to. With Xamarin, data access and business logic layers are used again throughout various platforms. With Xamarin, app development for Windows, Android, and iOS becomes fairly simple.


  • Its Component Store is comprised of cross-platform libraries, third-party libraries, and UI controls.
  • You can perform Deep Linking and application Indexing with Xamarin.
  • It’s likely to generate fewer bugs. Therefore, it can offer faster time to the industry.
  • As a mono framework, it supports communication with the API of mobile devices.

 Ionic :

Android Development Tools ionic

As an HTML5 mobile app development framework, Ionic is considered one of the leading android development tools. This tool is widely popular when it comes to hybrid mobile app development. With the help of Ionic, you can develop mobile apps using various web technologies. Some of these technologies include HTML5, SASS, and CSS.


  • It can help develop native mobile apps for superior app stores as well as progressive web mobile apps.
  • With Ionic, web developers can employ a single code base to build apps for primary app stores.
  • Ionic employs native SDKs and can native app UI guidelines.
  • Ionic is an open-source tool and it’s completely free.
  • It contains numerous JavaScript components and CSS components that can be used to develop mobile apps with.
  • With the help of its astonishing services and tools, you can develop particularly interactive apps.

 Mobile Angular UI :

Android Development Tools mobile angular UI

As a mobile app development framework, Mobile Angular UI is one of the most efficient Android development tools on the market today. With its rich libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js, Mobile Angular UI offers a superior mobile experience to the users.


  • You can create some astonishing Mobile Components with this tool.
  • You can view both desktop and mobile versions simply by stretching and squeezing your browser window.
  • It employs Bootstrap as your development requires it.
  • You can develop a responsive, mobile user interface using Mobile Angular UI. You can also transform desktop web applications into mobile apps.
  • You can examine the speed and responsiveness with Mobile Angular UI.

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